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The ETH20 Avatar NFT Collection is a visually captivating series of 10,000 distinct NFTs that combines pixel art representation of the ETH20 logo with hand-drawn pencil strokes.

This collection masterfully captures the essence of the Ethereum network, creating a harmonious blend of traditional and digital art with added depth and texture. After minting at no cost, you can instantly reveal and commence trading your NFT on LooksRare. This presents an excellent chance to earn considerable returns, particularly benefiting those who adopt early.

Minted Items


You’ll be eligible for free minting of one or multiple NFTs if you purchased a minimum of $200 in ETH20 tokens.


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ETH20 is a revolutionary ERC-20 token that aims to recreate the early days of Ethereum, offering a unique opportunity for everyone to buy Ethereum at its initial price of $0.1. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, ETH20 is a green, Proof-of-Stake (PoS) token that leverages the power of staking smart contract to provide a secure, efficient, and versatile platform for digital transactions.


Tribute to the Past and Gateway to Future Cryptocurrency Staking

We’re reimagining the Ethereum blockchain and token supply as it was in 2014, with a mere 50 million ETH circulating.

Total supply of ETH20 will be 120 million tokens
30 million tokens will be sold in presale at $0.1each
12 million tokens are set aside specifically for liquidity. The rest, a significant 78 million tokens from the total supply are locked for rewarding network participants through staking.

Stake to Earn ETH20

Post presale, any remaining tokens will be safely stationed in a tamper-resistant staking contract, serving as the pivotal keystone for ETH20 token economy, enabling users to actively stake their ETH20 tokens and reap the benefits of staking rewards.

After the presale, ETH20 holders can stake their tokens to receive a share of the staking rewards.
The more ETH20 you stake, the higher your rewards.
Harnessing the power of staking allows users to gain not only from the intrinsic value of ETH20 but also the dividends dispersed via the staking contract.

ETH20 Is User-Friendly

ETH20 offers superior ease of use over BTC and others, owing to Ethereum's position as the most utilized blockchain beyond Bitcoin, attributed to its smart contract capabilities and flexibility.

Snag the 'reimagined ETH' at its rock-bottom price.
Utilize your go-to MetaMask or other wallet apps.
Enjoy decentralized, self-custody of ETH20 tokens.

buying ETH20

Securing ETH at

was a chance missed by many, but today, you can buy ETH20 for that exact price is within your reach. Don't let this opportunity slip by again!


Anybody can buy ETH20 tokens in presale for a price of just $0.1 each. Use the widget at the top of the home page to secure your purchase.

Connect your MetaMask wallet directly or select another wallet app using the Wallet Connect option. You can also connect to the website using just your email address thanks to Web3Auth.



Understanding the roadmap for ETH20 requires looking back at the original Ethereum plan and adapting it to the contextual applications and objectives embedded in ETH20. Here’s a high-level perspective of ETH20’s planned trajectory.

Phase 1


The inaugural phase involves launching the token and setting up the initial supply dynamics, including the presale event. This phase is focused on creating a community of early supporters and setting up the preliminary blocks of the network.

Phase 2

Deployment and Staking Implementation

After a successful launch on DEX, the primary goal is to ensure the stable deployment of ETH20 tokens and the successful execution of staking mechanisms. Liquidity provision and staking rewards mechanisms will be set up during this phase.

Phase 3


Scaling the network occurs once there’s a significant amount of staking. Strategies will be implemented to foster mass adoption, which may include partnerships with other platforms in the crypto space, further development of user-friendly interfaces or tools, and marketing campaigns to drive user growth.

Phase 4

Advanced Features and Decentralization

Higher functionalities and features will be integrated, such as cross-chain compatibility, DeFi protocols, or potentially a decentralized exchange (DEX) of its own to facilitate the seamless trade of ETH20 tokens.


ETH20 is built and operates on the Ethereum blockchain, providing the benefit of adherence to the robust ERC-20 token standard.

This alignment guarantees seamless interoperability with the existing Ethereum ecosystem, including compatibility with existing wallets and exchanges, thus ensuring a smooth user experience.

Underpinned by the philosophy that broader engagement leads to larger benefits, ETH20 offers an exclusive chance for participants to garner a significant portion of rewards dispensed via our staking contract built on the Ethereum platform.